Great coffee, Outdoor seating, Chill vibes in Brooklyn, NYC


Welcome to Tucum Cafe of Brooklyn NYC

We are a cofeeshop in Brooklyn with an amazing outdoor space, free Wifi, and excellent coffee. We have a full menu coming soon.

Good taste and morality should never be mutually exclusive. We’ve learned how to use both technological advancements and sustainable practices to not only roast exceptional coffees, but to roast exceptional coffees without compromising social or environmental sustainability.

In everything we do, Cafe Tucum strives for measurable environmental, social, and financial sustainability. We value continuous improvement, which is pushed through supply chain partnerships based on openness and communication. We can make coffee a force for good in the world if we act responsibly and collaborate.

What motivates us to keep going? Making and drinking excellent coffee is a way of life for us. It’s what we’re good at. It’s knowing that each bean contributes to a better-tasting cup and a stronger farming community. We adore our Brooklyn neighborhood and will do everything we can to contribute positively to it.

We started with a simple mission: to bring the coffee experience to you from the seed of a coffee tree. We enjoy bringing people and communities together, empowering our producer partners, and ensuring that our efforts are long-lasting. Each bag of coffee at Cafe Tucum represents one journey completed and another yet to be completed. We hope you have a good time on this adventure.

Cafe Tucum is there, every step of the way, we’re committed to a model that promotes sustainability. We’ve worked toward something good for everyone, especially the local community, with every milestone, major decision, and partnership we’ve formed.

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Bread & Pastries


Beautiful Space


Amazonian Vibes


Great Coffee


Event Space


Free Internet

“Great coffee, friendly staff, amazing vibes!”


“Different! We definitely needed good bread in our neighborhood!”

“Love to hang out at Cafe Tucum, pastries hit the spot.”